Exclusive: The definitive FAQ of Zimbabwean club cricket

Posted by brmtaylor.com admin on September 25, 2008

Everything you need to know about the state of of club cricket in Zimbabwe. (note: FAQ stands for "frequently asked questions", Q stands for "question", A stands for "answer")

Q: Which teams participate in the Vigne Cup first league?

A: Alexandra, Takashinga 1, Takashinga 2, Old Hararians, Harare Sports Club, Uprising, Old Malvernians, Royal

Q: Which teams participate in the Vigne Cup second league?

A: Uprising 2nd XI, Royal 2nd XI, Centurions, Eagles, Glenshire, Mabvuku, Millenium, Dazzlers

Q: Why are less clubs in Zimbabwe than there were 5 years ago?

A: Clubs just went silent after the breakaway which happened 3 seasons ago, whereby some clubs formed a splinter league but later on came back. From there, Old Georgians, Universals and Sunrise never resurfaced.

Q: What grounds are used in club cricket?

A: Harare Sports Club play home matches at Harare Sports Club.
Takashinga play home matches at Takashinga Cricket Ground.
Old Hararians play home matches at Old Hararians Sports Club.
Alexandra play home matches at Alexandra Sports Club.
Uprising play home matches at the Prince Edward School ground.
Old Malvernians have no home ground so they will play on any ground that is free.
Royal have no home ground so they will play on any ground that is free.

Q: Which are the strongest club teams in Zimbabwe?

A: Takashinga, Uprising, Royal and Bulawayo Athletic Club in that order, as of 2008-09.

Q: Do former international players still play club cricket?

A: David Mutendera played for Harare Sports Club last year, Douglas Hondo played a couple of matches for Alexandra while Mark Vermeulen captained Old Hararians. These players, and other former international players, have not been sighted playing club cricket so far this season in Harare.

Q: How do players get to the grounds for matches or training?

A: It is the responsibility of the players to make sure they drive themselves to the ground, take public transport or walk. There is no team bus that picks the players up.

Q: How often do clubs have training?

A: It will vary between clubs. Most clubs practise twice a week, but some will practise three times a week.

Thank you to our correspondent in Zimbabwe for helping compile this list of frequently asked questions about Zimbabwean club cricket.