A perfect summary of Brendan Taylor's worth to Zimbabwe

Posted by brmtaylor.com admin on August 27, 2008

This following message was posted on the zimcricketforums.com message board by Venkatesh Prasanna of India, known on the forum as CrimsonAvenger.

It summarises perfectly just what the departure - which we all hope will not be permanent - of Brendan Taylor will do to Zimbabwe cricket.

More than 4 years have passed since the departure of Streak's rebels, and if you want to write a sentence about Zimbabwean Cricket since then, with the words "Zimbabwe" and "success" in it, you would invariably have the word "rare" also appear in it, if it is a negative one, and if it is a positive one it would definitely have the word "Taylor" in it.

That's how synonymous Zim's success and Brendan Taylor have been. Sure, Taibu in his two stints has played a few extremely good knocks, return of Brent earlier and Price later have provided the much needed experience to the bowling department, and Sean Williams has emerged as by far the best batsman of the side. And, there have been flashes of brilliance shown by a few others too. But Taylor's impact right from 2004 has been phenomenal. And it is that ZC is acting as if they are spoilt for choices, when it comes to handing out contracts...