West Indies coach showing contempt for Zimbabwe

Posted by brmtaylor.com admin on November 15, 2007

New West Indies coach, John Dyson, will not accompany his team as they embark on a tour of Zimbabwe later this month. He was also absent from the teams first training session ahead of the 5 match tour.

Chief executive of the West Indies Cricket Board, Donald Peters, doesn't seem to be concerned that the newly appointed coach won't be travelling with the team.

Peters told Reuters, "There are no major issues where this is concerned. Obviously for someone coming from so far there are a number of matters to settle. He will miss the Zimbabwe tour and will join the team in South Africa".

This is a very arrogant move by the West Indies coach, who obviously thinks the West Indies - who it should be said are in a state of freefall, while at least the Zimbabweans are constantly improving - will whitewash the boys from Africa with relative ease. While, most likely, the West Indies will enjoy a series win, it is extremely disappointing that the West Indies are showing no respect to the Zimbabweans by touring without a head coach.

Of course, maybe Dyson is just fearful he will succumb to the same fate Australia's Tim Nielsen did in his first match as coach - when Australia lost to Zimbabwe!

Donald Peters went on to say that West Indies assistant coaches, Henderson Springer and David Williams, will be in charge of the team throughout the tour.

John Dyson will be in Australia as the Zimbabwe tour goes ahead, finalising domestic matters. He will rejoin the West Indies team for a 3 Test, 5 ODI tour of South Africa, which begins soon after the ODI's against Zimbabwe.