exclusive: Njabulo Ncube interview

Posted by admin on July 27, 2009 has spoken to up-and-coming Matabeleland fast bowler Njabulo Ncube about provincial cricket. How did you first get interested in cricket? Did you play a lot growing up, or did you discover the game at school?

Njabulo Ncube: I started playing cricket in Bulawayo Gwabalanda Ghetto streets (ekasi) and went on to Milton High. Played U14, U15, U16 in the first team but that time didn't make it for Westerns/Matabeleland age groups. You played for Westerns U-19's and Westerns B. How competitive are the provincial age group and "B" competitions?

Njabulo Ncube: I managed to make it for the Westerns B side and played well. There's some good competition and good talent and then was later called for Westerns U19 in 2007 - played well, then straight to Zim U19. What has been the highlight of your career to date?

Njabulo Ncube: Played against Gauteng U19 bowled 6.5 overs, 5 wickets and 11 runs then against New Zealand at the 2008 U19 World Cup bowled 7 overs 12 runs and 1 wicket. There were reports of big celebrations when Westerns won the Metro Bank trophy in May. What was the crowd turn out like in Bulawayo for that tournament, and how many people ran on to the pitch when Westerns won?!

Njabulo Ncube: There was about 1000 people at the Pro 20 games in Bulawayo and it was nice to take the first 2 wickets for my team and [Mark] Mabuza taking the winning 5 wickets. After, there were big celebrations and it was nice to play on the home crowd with everyone behind you and about half of the crowd running on the field. How fast can you bowl, and have you been able to swing the ball?

Njabulo Ncube: I think for now I'm bowling 128 [kmph] to about 135. But on a good day I think I can bowl quick and naturally I hit the deck bowling inswinging cutters but have been working hard on my outswing. Who is the fastest bowler in Zimbabwe right now?

Njabulo Ncube: I think the fastest bowler in Zim is Elton Chigumbura and most of the guys are just below him. Which club team do you play for, and when will the club cricket season start again?

Njabulo Ncube: I play for Amakhosi Cricket Club which won the league last season from being last season after season. The season starts some time in August. The new franchise system will start soon, and taking into account Logan Cup, Faithwear and T20 matches there will be nearly 40 matches per side. Do you think this is too much for players, will players be able to play every match?

Njabulo Ncube: About the franchise system, I think the players are there. Some guys have jobs and players will be offered contracts for playing and there will be good competition.


Thank you to Njabulo Ncube for taking the time to speak to, we wish him luck in the upcoming domestic season.