Campbell named chairman of Cricket Committee

Posted by admin on July 14, 2009

The unlikely source of has revealed that the Cricket Committee has been restructured - as widely expected since the ICC recommendations were made public and since the previous Cricket Committee was said to have been disbanded several months ago.

The committee will be headed by Alistair Campbell - recently appointed head of selection, and will include Andy Waller, Stanley Staddon, Jackie du Preez, Tavengwa Mukuhlani, Walter Chawaguta and Dirk Viljoen.

All of these members have cricketing pedigree of some kind. Dirk Viljoen is a former Zimbabwe Test player and has been a commentator in recent times. Tavengwa Mukuhlani was chairman of the Mashonaland Cricket Association until his resignation in 2004.

Campbell and Waller are two people who have made recent returns to the organisation, while Staddon (administrator from Bulawayo), Chawaguta (national team coach) and du Preez (national team selector) have been involved with ZC for some time already.

The role of the Cricket Committee is to review fixturing, coaching, umpiring and scoring structures at both domestic and international level, as well as player contracts.