exclusive: Bryan Strang interview

Posted by admin on May 16, 2009 spoke to former Zimbabwean medium pace bowler Bryan Strang. Bryan's career spanned 10 years and included 26 Test matches and 49 ODI's for Zimbabwe. Looking back on your career for Zimbabwe, what do you consider to be the highlight?

Bryan Strang: I think that every time I was selected to play for any side representing my country was a highlight for me, however if I had to pick a match it would be our Test against SA at Harare Sports Club in 1995. To play against the Proteas was very special. After your international career, you went into coaching at schools like Lilfordia Primary and St George's College. How did you find coaching, and are you still coaching now?

Bryan Strang: As the years have progressed I have really enjoyed my coaching and teaching. Since the two posts that you mentioned I have done lots more coaching at many levels, since returning to Zim I am now working at St Johns prep in the sports department. I really enjoy giving back to the kids of this country in any sport and would like to see them get the best coaching so that they can be the best they can be and enjoy it along the way. So yeah, I enjoy coaching and the opportunity it gives me to have an input into our future sportspersons!! You also opened a business about life skills and goal setting, can you talk a bit about this?

Bryan Strang: Having emerged from a dismal couple of years where I was plagued by boredom and probably imbibed far too much of the amber nectar!!! Throughout these years I caused more trouble and strife than I care to remember, however as is often the case in life there is always a silver lining to what we as people are going through and having learnt my lessons I like to share them with people and that is where my life skills part arrives, the goal setting comes from lots of research and practise, everything starts with a thought, our potential is limitless, writing down your goals makes them more real... It is universally agreed upon that there is still a lot of young talent in schools cricket and the main obstacle is getting the kids to stay within Zimbabwe. What do you think ZC should be doing to keep the home-grown talent in Zimbabwe?

Bryan Strang: Zimbabwe's cricketing future is intrinsically linked to the health and wealth of the nation. As one improves so will the other. My thoughts are that if we as a nation can put away greed and personal agradisement face the future with integrity and a new attitude then anything is possible. Once you have the right people in place then I would see the solution for having a try out (like in baseball)... get the moneymen from ICC, India, etc to finance our plan... advertise in all major papers in the world that Zim is recruiting wandering cricketers at certain date and time... then fly in 10 world class coaches and players... a 7 week selection period where players are pitted against each other in 4 day cricket, 20 20 and 50 overs... I am sure it would make worthy television as our stars and dreamers return and would make a good story then pick a squad of 40 and immediately launch into a new era of Zimbabwean cricket history... leadership and integrity are important aspects of any revival of Zim cricket so find the person, find the solution. ZC recently unveiled a new domestic structure based on the "franchise" system. Do you think this is a step back in the right direction after Mashonaland, Matabeleland, etc were abolished several seasons ago?

Bryan Strang: Not up to speed on this... but I do know that if I bought a player I would want him to deliver so it may put a rocket under players who are stuck in mediocrity and living the life while not taking responsibility for the faith put in them... Who is the most important player for the Zimbabwe national team right now?

Bryan Strang: Teams win games, players don't. Are there any areas of cricket in Zimbabwe where you think ZC are not doing enough or should be handling things differently? Are there any areas where you think they have been doing a good job?

Bryan Strang: As there are negatives so there must be positives...


Thank you to Bryan Strang for taking the time to speak to, and zimfan1 from for helping to arrange it.