Exclusive: National League back on

Posted by brmtaylor.com admin on January 25, 2009

After a lengthy delay due to funds shortages the National League has been given the green light.

Although details are still hazy, it does appear that there are some changes to this years National League. The largest of the changes appears to be that matches could potentially be played on weekdays, unlike weekends which has become the norm in previous seasons.

It is still unknown whether matches will be 1-day affairs or are going to be played over 2-days.

The National League will kick-off on Monday the 26th of January. The tournament is very important in ensuring the continued development of all players in the country, as it is Zimbabwe's premier club cricket competition.

The first set of fixtures:

Monday, January 26: Royal vs Takashinga 1
Tuesday, January 27: Uprising vs Takashinga 2