Faithwear One Day Series

March 22, 2007 - March 28, 2007

Champions: Easterns
Runner-up: Northerns

The Faithwear series went without any glitches in 2007, with the Mashonaland selection issues having been, for the most part, buried. While the quality of cricket wasn't all that high, there were some close contests, such as Centrals last ball win over Westerns, thanks to Solomon Mire's 79 not out, and Westerns 2 run victory over Southerns. But there were also some absolute drubbings, with the class of Easterns too much for Southerns, who lost with 117 balls remaining, and Westerns 88 run win, bowling Northerns out for just 133.

For 50 over matches, Zimbabwe Cricket would have been disappointed that the average score was in the low 200's. Centrals 8/263 from 43 overs, thanks to a 94 run slog from Solomon Mire - who smashed 5 sixes and 7 fours in his 67 balls - was the highest score of the competition.

However, the countries top cricketers were involved in the ICC World Cup in the West Indies, leaving the second tier - such as Tino Mawoyo, Graeme Cremer and Timycen Maruma - with more responsibility than they could handle. The absense of the big name players would have almost certainly been behind the series of low scores throughout the tournament.


Northerns, Southerns, Easterns, Westerns, Centrals

Star Players

Solomon Mire

The 17 year old announced his arrival to the Zimbabwean cricket scene in this tournament, scoring 230 runs at an impressive average of 115.00. His best score was 94 against Westerns, he also scored unbeaten fifties against Westerns (79*) and Northerns (52*).

Graeme Cremer

In what turned out to be an amazing domestic season for the legspin bowler, Cremer was the outstanding bowler of the Faithwear series, taking 10 wickets at 10.90 from 4 matches. He bowled 40 overs at an astounding economy of 2.72. Another spin bowler, Westerns John Nyumbu, was Cremer's closest competition, with 8 wickets at 16.50.

Match results

Game 1: Centrals def. Southerns by 55 runs
Game 2: Westerns def. Northerns by 88 runs
Game 3: Centrals def. Westerns by 2 wickets (from the final ball)
Game 4: Northerns def. Easterns by 2 wickets
Game 5: Easterns def. Southerns by 6 wickets
Game 6: Northerns def. Centrals by 5 wickets
Game 7: Easterns def. Westerns by 3 wickets
Game 8: Northerns def. Southerns by 18 runs
Game 9: Easterns def. Centrals by 6 wickets
Game 10: Westerns def. Southerns by 2 runs

Points table:

    | #  Team                    Pl  W   L   Pts   Net RR    |
    | 1. Easterns                4   3   1   15    +1.031    |
    | 2. Northerns               4   3   1   14    +0.233    |
    | 3. Westerns                4   2   2   9     +0.089    |
    | 4. Centrals                4   2   2   9     -0.520    |
    | 5. Southerns               4   0   4   0     -0.877    |

Easterns completed the domestic double of winning the Faithwear series and the Logan Cup in 2006-07. Despite being just 1 point ahead of second placed Northerns, their net run rate was by far superior.


Northerns: S Bala, RW Chakabva, B Chilapula, AG Cremer, TN Garwe, AM Manyumwa, P Masvaure, S Mwakayeni, S Khan, S Raza, A Tichana, PM Tsvanhu, C Zhuwawo

Southerns: K Ali, B Benhura, P Charumbira, J Chinyengetere, R Chinyengetere, TS Chisoro, T Kamungozi, T Machiri, NB Mahwire, S Mashava, H Matanga, N Mukondiwa, TA Mundure, A Mutumbami

Easterns: P Chatora, M Chiturumani, A Maparura, T Maruma, J Marumisa, H Masakadza, TMK Mawoyo, B Mlambo, S Mujaji, S Musoso, F Mutizwa, SK Nyamuzinga

Westerns: T Hove, RT Kasawaya, S Kusano, MM Mabuza, B Marsh, TM Mboyi, B Mujuru, R Mutumbami, K Ntuli, J Nyumbu, C Phiri, GM Strydom, F Takarusenga

Centrals: BM Chapungu, E Chauluka, I Chikunya, MT Chinouya, G Chirimuuta, PK Gada, SP Gupo, B Juspen, T Mahlunge, J Matigonda, SF Mire, TB Mpofu, B Mugochi, T Muzarabani, R Nyathi