Madyembwa, Joseph

Major Teams Represented: Northwinds, Uprising, Uprising 2
Born: 1987

Relatively unknown player in the league. A very good all rounder. Right arm fast bowler and a good hitter of the ball. Helped Uprising against Masvingo in National league game in the 2005/6 season with an unbeaten 69. A very good fielder usually nicknamed Jonty and most of the players in the league admire his style of play. Given the chance and good coaching has the capabilities of making it into the National team. He has to work on his run-up as he bowls too many no-balls. Also in the centre of controversy after ordering plyers from Uprising walk of the pitch after he was racially abused when he was called a "Baboon" that was during the last season in a match against Old Hararians at Old Hararians. Captained Uprising 2 in the opening Vigne Cup match of the 2008-09 season.

Club (2007): Uprising
Club (2008): Uprising

Latest known scores

Joseph Madyembwa (Uprising) - 28* runs - 4/16 (7.3 ov) - Harare Sports Club vs Uprising - Vigne Cup (Round 10)
Joseph Madyembwa (Uprising 2) - 3/18 - Dazzlers vs Uprising 2 - Vigne Cup (Round 3)
Joseph Madyembwa (Uprising 2) - 41 runs - 1/36 (7.0 ov) - Uprising 2 vs Eagles - Vigne Cup (Round 2)
Joseph Madyembwa (Uprising 2) - 64 runs (38 balls) - Uprising 2 vs Centurions - Vigne Cup (Round 1)